Welcome to the NEW Missouri Finance Website

Welcome to the NEW website of the Missouri Division of Finance!


The design of our site is based on our three primary areas of responsibility. These areas (or sections) are Banks and Trust Companies, Consumer Credit Companies, Mortgage Brokers, and Savings and Loan Associations.

Access to any of the three sections is readily available by clicking on the desired section near the top of any page on our website. Section links are also available at the bottom of each page, along with links to our home page (also available via the Missouri State Seal at the top left), Missouri State Government home page, and the Department of Insurance, Financial Institutions, and Professional Registration (DIFP – our parent department) home page.

Our NEW focus will be providing proven & tested strategies for retirees investing their funds in the precious metals market. We believe this is the best way to start protecting & growing our wealth for the long run.